About Us


Empowering people with the tools they need to succeed.


We don’t settle for mediocre. Let us strive together for excellence!

The Team

We assembled experts across Canada and Lebanon to deliver the best software experience.  Our cohesive team consists of many disciplines, Mobile Developer, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Business Analyst, Sales/Marketing…

Our experts have experience across many diverse fields

  • Education
  • Airline
  • Online Platforms
  • Mobile payment
  • Credit Reporting
  • NGO/Charity


We are agile and believe in small frequent releases. We understand and accept that the world is ever-changing and your needs will change along the way.

We believe that building software is a journey that requires flexibility, agility, empathy, and quick iterations. Thus, we take your feedback, improve, move forward, and do it all over again.

Our Experts worked with