Showqace is an online platform that allows small businesses to display their products online without any fee. 

Solution We Provided

  • We designed and build the online platform taking it from business requirement to deploying the software on production

Software Development and Design


Business Case

A new online web portal is needed to allow small businesses to display and showcase their new and old products online.  The website should be an intersection of Facebook Group, Instagram, and Twitter, but without the downside of endless scrolling or pressing next to find products.  The website should display all products of the store and allow users to quickly search and filter products.  Moreover, it should allow customers to get in contact, like, follow, and review products and stores.

Our Solution

We designed and developed custom responsive Single Page Application (SPA) website, backend system (API), and architected the database to store the data.


  • ReactJS, Typescript, HTML, CSS, SCSS
  • .NET Core (API), C#, Entity Framework (EF), LINQ
  • PostgreSQL
  • Azure Cloud
  • NGINX/Reverse Proxy
  • Docker